Here are the Speedway 95 results from Wednesday, August 2nd.

Zach Audet of Norridgewock won his sixth race of the season in the Cap’s Tavern Modified Enduros at Speedway 95 Wednesday night, but this one was the hardest as he chased Andrew Crosby of Hermon for 19 laps of the 20 lap feature, passing Crosby on lap 20 when Crosby slipped just a little going into turn one on the final lap. Crosby started on the pole while Audet started sixth, but was set back 2 positions on a caution for passing a car before the start-finish line on the original start of the race. Audet quickly went up through the field and planted himself on Crosby’s rear bumper, where he stayed until he got by Crosby coming out of turn two on lap 20. Crosby finished second, with Kaden Neptune of Mount Vernon finishing third. Mark Sawyer of Newburgh was fourth, and Mike Landry of Madison was fifth.

In the Stars of Tomorrow, Destiny Overlock of Hermon picked up her third win of the season when she was leading when the time limit on the race expired. Several cautions caused delays in the action that ultimately put the race past the allotted time. Second went to Talon Blanchard of Glenburn, whose car slowed several times during the event, but would come back to life and re-pass cars several times. Austen Beale finished third, one lap down to the leaders when his radiator burst, causing the final caution that ended the race. Fourth place finisher Silas Hamm of Hampden was also one lap down at the end when his brakes locked during the caution. Carson Bellows of Winslow was fifth, four laps down to the leaders.

Brad Bellows of China continued his winning ways in the Road Runners, starting 13th and passing early leader Doug Woodard of Plymouth on the 8th lap. Chip Farrington, also of China, came from a 12th place start to finish second, while Craig Holm of Bangor came from 11th at the start to finish third. Seth Woodard of Plymouth finished fourth, with Doug Woodard winding up in the fifth spot.

Only three cars attempted to start the feature for the Maine Outlaw Midget Series, which was reduced to 10 laps due to the small car count. Ben Ashline of Winthrop had a drive chain break on a pace lap and retired to the pit, leaving only 2 cars to run the event. Anthony Lancaster of Jackman led all 10 laps and picking up his second win of the season, with Eric Clark of Southwest Harbor finishing second. Ashline was credited with third.

Racing continues at Speedway 95 on Saturday, August 5th at 7:00 p.m. with a full card of regular racing plus 3 make-up races for features in the Sport-Fours, Street Stocks and Dysart’s Late Models rained out last week.



1.     19 Zach Audet, Norridgewock

2.     62 Andrew Crosby, Hermon

3.     45 Kaden Neptune, Mount Vernon

4.     77 Mark Sawyer, Newburgh

5.     89 Mike Landry, Madison


1.     25 Brad Bellows, China

2.     00 Chip Farrington. China

3.     18 Craig Holm, Bangor

4.     41 Seth Woodard, Plymouth

5.     50 Doug Woodard, Plymouth


1.     14 Destiny Overlock, Hermon

2.     77 Talon Blanchard, Glenburn

3.     39 Austen Beale, Hampden

4.     37 Silas Hamm. Hampden

5.     5. 25 Carson Bellows, Winslow


1.     45 Anthony Lancaster. Jackman

2.     90 Eric Clark, South west Harbor

3.     36 Ben Ashline, Winthrop

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