Talk about a story coming out of left field...

I don't know about you, but prior to yesterday I don't believe I had ever envisioned Aaron Judge wearing a Red Sox uniform. Enter Buster Olney.

The ESPN MLB insider put forth a list of seven potential suitors for Judge's services should he and the Yankees be unable to reach an extension, and lo and behold, the BoSox were on the list.

So here's the context if you're unaware...

Much like what the Red Sox are currently facing with Rafael Devers, the Yankees gave Judge an offer he could refuse in Spring Training. The figure was around $217mil. The power-hitting outfielder declined the offer and decided to bet on himself, and oh boy has it worked out in his favor through the first 70 games of the season.

Judge is swatting .304 with a league-leading 27 homers and 53 RBI. He's on pace to hit 63 home runs this year, a feat which has not been accomplished since a juiced-up Barry Bonds set the single-season* mark of 73 homeruns during the 2001 season. If Judge continues his prolific start to the year, he'll have no issues commanding a contract that begins with a 3 (hundreds of millions) when he hits the open market this winter.

Like I mentioned, the Sox are kind of facing the same issue with Devers. Boston offered the budding superstar a reported extension of 8-years/$200mil before the start of the season. Devers said no thanks and is on pace to hit .328/37/100 with 208 hits and 56 doubles, effectively adding another hundred-million-or-so to his worth. Devers also has the benefit of time on his side. Devers will turn 26 in late-October, Judge turned 30 at the end of April.

So while I hadn't entertained the thought of Judge trading in the pinstripes for a spot in Boston's outfield prior to yesterday, let's lean into the hypothetical. If you had your pick, would you rather see Aaron Judge or Rafael Devers in a Red Sox uniform for the next 10 years?

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