We are less than two weeks away from the midway point in the 2024 MLB regular season, which to me is absolutely wild because I feel like I've barely begun paying attention.

That coming from someone who has always considered himself a diehard baseball fan.

But the Celtics are in The Finals and Red Sox ownership tells me they're not invested in this year's team so why should I be? Because of that, I'm the least invested in a baseball season I maybe have ever been.

But there's plenty of exciting action happening outside of Boston and around the rest of the league which we'll use today's pair of polls to dive into.

Originally, this was going to be just a single poll Tuesday. But as I began gathering the list of top players in the game, the first four were from the same two teams...

Those are arguably the four biggest names in the sport currently. So it's only fitting that they all make the ballot, but stopping there would exclude just too many other great players around baseball.

So while some of these next guys haven't done it as long or as consistently as the four above, they're still deserving of recognition among the game's best.

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