Brad Stevens met with the media Tuesday to offer his final thoughts on the 2021-22 season and look ahead to the offseason as he gets ready to retool the Celtics for what will hopefully be another run at the title.

Stevens said Celtics' ownership has given him the OK to improve the team by any means necessary, meaning Stevens shouldn't have to worry about staying underneath the league's luxury cap, a number the Celtics have been flirting with since the beginning of the season.

When asked what he thought the team's biggest need was entering the summer, Stevens pointed to the need for more consistent scoring off the bench, something that hampered the Celtics' efforts during the final three loses to Golden State.

But due to minimal cash available for potential free agent additions, Stevens and the C's will likely have to get creative with any moves they make in the coming months.

Boston enters the offseason with nine active TPE's (traded player exception), including the second-largest exception in the NBA - $17.1mil thanks to the Evan Fournier sign-and-trade with the Knicks last August. However, that TPE expires if not used before July 17 and Stevens stressed the importance of making the right moves, as opposed to just changing things up for the sake of it.

Fresh off their remarkable run which ended two games short of Banner No. 18, what do you think should be atop Stevens' list this offseason?

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