It's National Chip and Dip day, so naturally it must be the subject of our Drive Poll.

When it comes to chips and dip, which is certainly one of, if not the most quintessential snack, where do you turn? Are you a traditionalist of the tortilla chip + salsa or guacamole variety? Or do you like to get wild and go for the more decadent dipping options?

According to, the top chip and dip option is potato chips with onion dip. Obviously, we're talking some sort of wavy brand or a chip with ridges in this instance. You need to make sure your chips have the proper structural integrity to handle your dip of choice.

After that top combo, tortilla chips + guac is 2nd, followed by corn chips and queso to round out the top-3.

You can't go wrong with any of those options in my book, but we didn't stop there with today's poll. There's plenty of choices to pick from and even a write-in option if you don't see your favorite listed.

Let us know what your go-to chip and dip combo is!

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