Teams around MLB either have reached the halfway point of their regular season in recent nights or will do so in the coming days.

For the Red Sox, last night's 8-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays was game No. 81. Believe it or not, half the season is now behind us.

Let's be real. While the Sox are still a bit inconsistent, especially against good competition, (namely the AL East) they've won 34 of the last 50 games. They're 2nd place in the division, albeit just a game in front of Tampa Bay and a game and a half in front of Toronto. And finally, they're on pace for 90 wins. Remember when they started 11-20? I think at that time we'd all have taken where they sit currently.

Part of the reason Boston has charged back into contention at midseason is because the team is getting contributions from all over the place, whether it's the stars or guys riding the shuttle back and forth from Worcester-to-Beantown.

So now that we're at the end of the first semester of the season, it's time to hand out some grades. Who do you think have been the five best players for the Sox in the 1st half?

Note: you can select up to five players in this poll. That's kind of the point of it...

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