Between country club memberships, cart rental and that flask of booze you'll hit up after every bogey, golf can be an expensive sport. How about $75,000 for a set of clubs? Yes, really.

Japanese golf gear manufacturer Honma's set of 14 clubs — woods, irons and more — costs $75,000 and is made to order (we assume they throw in the bag at no charge). Honma claims to have more than 100 "artisans" working on each club. The company believes its club engineering can allow golfers to strike the ball more powerfully, maintaining that a special head polishing technique can "make a difference."

Right, right, right. Nothing beats getting your head polished. The thing is, if you suck at golf, you suck at golf. While we have no scientific proof, we'd assume that an iron in a $75,000 set of Honma clubs is likely to go just as far when thrown as one from a rented set of clubs.

Some golf pros speculate that many golfers buy Honma clubs as a status symbol; Honma says celebrities Donald Trump and Marc Anthony own a set. We'd suggest buying these clubs is more of an intelligence test: if you buy them, you fail.