Cole Anderson shot a 69 at Natanis Golf Course to lead his Camden Hills HS golf team at the KVAC state championship qualilfier. The Windjammers and four other Class A schools will be in state competition Saturday. Four Class B KVAC schools qualified today.

Mt. Ararat, Edward Little, Messalonskee and Lewiston are the other 'A' schools to qualify.

Erskine Academy, MCI, Waterville and Gardiner were the 'B' schools to qualify.

16 Class A boys and 12 Class B boys qualified for the state individual championship tournament coming up in two weeks.

6 girls qualified for the schoolgirl individual tourney. Bailey Plourde from Lincoln Academy led all girls players shooting a 75.

Check out the teams headed to the states this Saturday...

Class A         Class B      
Rank     Gross   Rank     Gross  
1 Mt. Ararat 310   1 Erskine Academy 316  
    Caleb Manual (Mt. Ararat) 73       Connor Paine (Erskine Academy) 79  
    Cam Cox (Mt. Ararat) 73       Aaron Pion (Erskine Academy) 78  
    Steve Schuman (Mt. Ararat) 84       Robert Harmon (Erskine Academy) 78  
    Cade Charron (Mt. Ararat) 80       Justin Browne (Erskine Academy) 81  
    Will Kavanaugh (Mt. Ararat) 88       Brandon Keezer (Erskine Academy) 87  
    Ben Hickson (Mt. Ararat) 84       Kay Grady (Erskine Academy) 99  
2 Camden Hills 313   2 MCI   354  
    Cole Anderson (Camden Hills) 69       Eric Dugas (MCI) 80  
    Braden Fisher (Camden Hills) 87       Carter Pearl (MCI) 77  
    Connor Russell (Camden Hills) 79       Seth Mason (MCI) 93  
    Lewis Laurita (Camden Hills) 79       Anna Smith (MCI) 119  
    Connor O'Dwyer (Camden Hills) 86       Avery Gosselin (MCI) 104  
    Jonathan Mohoney (Camden Hills) 100   3 Waterville 362  
3 Edward Little 333       Cody Pellerin (Waterville) 83  
    Ryan Raby (Edward Little) 84       David Barre (Waterville) 93  
    Deryk Belanger (Edward Little) 81       Alex Maheux (Waterville) 94  
    Aaron Perkins (Edward Little) 90       Brock Jolicoeur (Waterville) 102  
    Ben Cassidy (Edward Little) 78       John Violette (Waterville) 92  
    Jason Dubuc (Edward Little) 99       Josh Reisert (Waterville) 107  
    Marshall Chadbourne (Edward Little) 102   4 Gardiner   367  
4 Messalonskee 337       Cody Rizzo (Gardiner) 91  
    Blake Marden (Messalonskee) 76       Cam Bourassa (Gardiner) 93  
    Jacob Bernachez (Messalonskee) 80       Sam Jermyn (Gardiner) 91  
    Connor Ferguson (Messalonskee) 95       Devon Maschino (Gardiner) 96  
    Jacob Bouchard (Messalonskee) 95       Charles Stevens (Gardiner) 92  
    Duncan Morrill (Messalonskee) 93       Tristan Hebert (Gardiner) 101  
    Parker Poulin (Messalonskee) 88            
5 Lewiston 340            
    Stephanie Rodrique (Lewiston) 80            
    Alex Robert (Lewiston) 82            
    Cody Doyon (Lewiston) 96            
    Joe Bisson (Lewiston) 83            
    Evan Cox (Lewiston) 97            
    Jayden Wilson (Lewiston) 95