Bowdoin College put forward their plans for the fall semester and it doesn’t include any varsity sports, they are hopeful there can be a return to winter and spring sports in some form, but nothing is determined yet.

Tim Ryan the Athletic Director of Bowdoin College joined The Morning Line to talk about the process of making this decision and how far out they are working on plans.

We also found out what this would mean for athletic eligibility for the Polar Bear athletes.

If you would like to read the full release from the President of Bowdoin College you can find it here

NESCAC has not yet determined what will happen with conference play or how coaches may interact with athletes on fall, winter, and spring teams during the fall semester

Varsity athletes living on campus are likely to have in-person workout opportunities with coaches, but students living off campus will not be permitted to participate in on-campus workouts.

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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