Today is the 1st Day of Spring! It's also the 1st Day that pitchers and catchers can practice for High School Baseball and Softball in the State of Maine!

You'll hear the popping of balls in gloves in most gyms throughout the state starting this afternoon. The Mane Principal's Association has devoted this week for the building up of arm strength for the pitchers and catchers. There is no limit as to how many pitchers and catchers can participate this week.

Next Monday, March 27th is the first full day of practice for everyone, and the first countable game may be played after 3 p.m. on April 13th. The last countable game must be played by May 31st, which makes the season 59 days long. Take out the Sundays (7), and that means there are 52 days to play 16 regular season games. So pay attention Mother Nature... We don't need any rainouts thank you very much!

Playoff prelims begin June 6, Quarterfinals take place starting June 8 and Regional Semifinals are scheduled for June 10th. The prelims and Quarterfinals and Semifinals will take place at the field of the higher seeded teams. The Regional Finals will take place on June 13th with the Gold Glove State Championship games taking place on June 17th.

The Class B and C State Softball Games will be played at Brewer, and the Class A and D Softball Games will be played at the University of Southern Maine.

The Class B and D State Baseball Games will be played at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor and the Class A and C Games will be played at the University of Southern Maine

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