Here are the final Heal Point Standings for Baseball

With Maine going back to the 2/3 rule, the following have qualified for the playoffs. Best of luck to all the teams.

  • Class A North - Top 8
  • Class A South - Top 11
  • Class B North - Top 10
  • Class B South - Top 12
  • Class C North - Top 11
  • Class C South - Top 10
  • Class D North - Top 12
  • Class D South - Top 8

Class A North

attachment-Class A North

Class A South

attachment-Class A South

Class B North

attachment-Class B North

Class B South

attachment-Class B South

Class C North

attachment-Class C Baseball

Class C South

attachment-Class C South

Class D North

attachment-Class D North

Class D South

attachment-Class D South

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