It's all over, for real this time. We thought it was over at this time last week when Miami held a 3-0 series lead, then the Celtics gave us all visions of the '04 Red Sox and had us believing again.

But then the real Celtics reemerged at The Garden last night. The team that for whatever reason just could not get over the hump this year and fell flat in the biggest moments. Last night's Game 7 was really a microcosm of the entire year for Boston. So much potential, so close to realizing it, yet unable to grasp it and instead more comfortable shooting themselves in the foot.

I'm not sure we ever should've been drawing the parallels to '04, and I'm just as guilty as anyone else of doing so over the last week. In 2004, the Yankees were a better team than the Red Sox. They won more games and bludgeoned them in the first few games of the series, setting the stage for the Sox to pull off one of sports' greatest underdog comeback stories. These Celtics were the vastly superior team to Miami and should've never been in a position to trail the Heat 3-0 if they simply played to their potential.

It was a fitting end for a frustrating team. Now, with the wound still fresh and Miami jetting off to Denver on their pre-planned flight, how would you define this season that was by the Boston Celtics?

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