For years, decades even, the adage in Foxborough was "in Bill I trust." It's right up there with "Defend the Wall," "No Days Off," and "Do Your Job" in New England Patriots proverbs.

Though, based on what's out there in the media, it would seem for many that trust is eroding. Decisions he's made - like leaving the offense in the hands of a defensive-minded rocket scientist - or not made - like failing to sign DeAndre Hopkins or any other top-level offensive talent - have left fans openly questioning the Hoodie in a way that even five or six years ago would have been considered blasphemy in these parts.

But three years with an overall losing record and no playoff wins will do that. It will also get the media going on the subject.

Yesterday on The Drive, we were joined by Ben Volin, The Globe's Senior NFL Writer, who expressed similar views, saying, "there's a lot of pressure under Belichick to perform and to succeed this year, and if they go 7-10, Kraft is gonna have a really tough decision in that, there's a chance that Belichick is very much on the hot seat right now."

"I don't think it's going to be business as usual if it's another terrible season," added Volin. You can listen to the full interview with Ben, below -


So, how do you feel? Have the recent seasons dented your unwavering faith and trust, or are you getting annoyed with all those lacking loyalty to the G.O.A.T. around Patriots Nation?

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