Talk about limping down the stretch. The Boston Red Sox, who just a couple of months ago had postseason aspirations, have lost 17 of their last 21 games, own baseball's worst record since Aug. 21 (10-25) and have had champagne popped on them after the last two games with Tampa Bay and Baltimore celebrating a job well done before gearing up for their respective playoff runs.

The season got so bad it cost Chaim Bloom his job, but the manager has slid under most of the blame. Let's be clear, I'm not saying Alex Cora deserves to shoulder much more of the blame than what's been sent his way. It's just normally in these situations, the skipper also gets the axe. But here's Cora, ready to head into an offseason where he'll get paired up with his third president of baseball operations, another bit of unusualness in sports, where normally the boss hand selects his manager or coach.

No matter how bad the team plays, Cora seems to rise above it.

What do you make of the job he did this year?

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