Winning breeds a lot of things, one of which is likeability. So, it's no surprise that the Boston Celtics, who sit perched atop the NBA with a record of 41-16 after a Finals run a season ago, are a pretty likeable bunch.

Though, admittedly, today's poll was inspired for my dislike for one player, or at least his recent actions.

Payton Pritchard has spent a lot of time lately chirping about his desire for more playtime. Let me rephrase that...the least important/most replaceable person in the rotation for the best team in basketball has spent too much time listening to his inner circle of hype people and apparently has enough of an ego to think he should be getting more time and shots than what interim head coach Joe Mazzulla has worked out.

Pritchard even went so far as to say he was "expecting and hoping" to be dealt out of Boston ahead of the NBA's trade deadline last week.

I don't know about you, but the current rotation seems to be working just fine. As for Payton, maybe he should just focus on his current role, be thankful that he is playing a part for a team churning towards a championship run, and worry about the future in the future. Then, he can go get a modest bag and average 10-15ppg for one of the worst teams in the league, because that's where the playing time he's in search of will come from.

Okay, tangent aside and back to the happy thoughts.

I know despite my annoyances, Pritchard is still a fan favorite on a team full of them. So let's run a little popularity contest with this squad. Pick your 5 favorite members of this year's Celtics team...

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