For the last seventeen days, all we've heard is how Celtics fans should not be concerned by the fact that Jaylen Brown has yet to agree to terms on the 5-year, $295 million super max extension he became eligible to sign on July 1.

Last week, Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe reported that there has been open communication between the two sides and that they simply both had some other matters to attend to before hammering out the deal.

At the time, I was hoping that meant Brad Stevens was busy orchestrating another blockbuster, big-money move that required his attention before factoring Brown's contract into the team's future budget. That's yet to happen.

Now, Brown is overseas for an NBPA event and contract talks have been tabled until his return. Normally, I'd say it's too early to get antsy about the situation. But we are talking about a relationship between player, team and city that has been questioned at various points in the past.

From Brown's comments on his draft night, when he was met by boos from the Boston faithful, to his difficulty in business and real estate dealings in the city, to pretty much all of last summer when his name was bandied about in every trade proposal involving Kevin Durant.

In this most recent go-round, some reports indicated the holdup was due to Brown's "questioning of the Celtics' hierarchy" and his belief that he's a co-Number 1, alongside Jayson Tatum.

Whatever the truth to the matter is, if this continues to linger, it won't take the Boston media long to turn it into a full blown saga. Are you worried that Brown has yet to put pen to paper on a new deal, or do you think it's just a matter of time?

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