I know what you're probably thinking. "It's never enough!" After spending two weeks discouraging moral victories and saying the only thing that matters is a big ole W, we're still not happy even when the first dub of the year comes along.

Let me be clear: I'm happy with the win, because a win is a win. However, I'm certainly not pleased with it.

I'm pleased with the defense. They're legit, whether playing the worst QB in the league as the case was yesterday, or a team capable of scoring 70 points like they did a week ago, the D will keep them in it most every week.

But I continue to watch this team's offense and get left with nothing but annoyance. Mac Jones' numbers look decent enough overall, but just use your eyes when watching him play. He'll make the simple 1st and 2nd down throws, then is barely able to complete anything on 3rd down or when it matters the most.

The O punted on its final five possessions yesterday, including the final four which came in the fourth quarter with a chance to put the game away. Whether you need a big drive to tie it late or put the game away, the Pats offense has proven incapable of being able to do that thus far.

Yes, the Jets have a good defense. But this unit, and the QB specifically, can't keep getting excuses made for them.

Through three games, this team is exactly what we expected. They lost both games against superior competition/QB's and won the one they should have. It's been the formula the last three years and we've seen how it's worked out.

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