It's already been a rather busy and hectic start to the offseason for the Boston Celtics.

From sending Marcus Smart to Memphis and bringing in Kristaps Porzingis, to Brad Stevens' Bill Belichick impersonation on draft night, to yesterday dealing Grant Williams to the Mavs as part of a 3-team sign-and-trade.

With those few moves, Stevens has reshaped the roster from what it was a year ago. But could there be an even bigger and bolder move on the horizon?

Remember a few weeks back when TNT's Chris Haynes reported that Damian Lillard had no interest in playing for the C's? Yeah, me too. And like you probably did at the time, I figured that was the end of any Dame-to-Boston rumors. NOT SO FAST.

Now, we're getting "reports" that Jayson Tatum has been campaigning Lillard on the idea of joining the Celtics, and that the organization has expressed interest in acquiring the All-NBA guard.

Lillard is nine days shy of his 33rd birthday. He's an 11-year vet in the Association, averaged 32.2ppg in 58 games last year and has averaged 25.2ppg to go with 6.7 assists per game for his career. He's known for his 60-point games, his daggers in the biggest moments and, more recently, an ever growing contract which guarantees him $45.6mil next season and $48.8mil in 2024-25.

That being said, we know money isn't necessarily an issue in Beantown. Stevens has already said he's received the green light from ownership to spend what it takes to build a championship winning team. Lillard certainly increases that likelihood, as long as the cost isn't too high.

Portland would be crazy not to ask for Jaylen Brown as a starter in any potential discussions. Though, appearing this morning on Toucher and Rich, Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix said he believes Boston could get a deal done that doesn't include Brown, and that Lillard would have "no objections" to joining the squad.

For context, the hypothetical deal floating around social media today is Malcolm Brogdon, Rob Williams, Payton Pritchard and three first rounders for the 7-time All-Star.

What do you think? Is that too steep a price to pay?

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