Happy August and Major League Baseball trade deadline day.

With two months remaining in the MLB regular season, teams have about six hours to bolster their squads before making a final push.

The Red Sox have been very quiet on the trade front so far, having only swung a couple of deals for minor league pitching depth. The Athletic's Jen McCaffrey offered an update of no real updates this morning out of the front office at Fenway, saying, "not much substance in terms of what the Red Sox are discussing, but according to a source late last night, 'it's all possibilities right now'," whatever that means...

Whether the Sox make a move or not, they should have enough pieces to remain in the AL Wild Card chase, at least for a while. Boston currently trails the Blue Jays by 2.5 games, though with the Sox dropping 3-straight, they've missed an opportunity to creep even closer.

Right now, Boston is the first team on the outside looking in, with Tampa Bay, Houston and Toronto owning the three wild card slots at the moment. But right behind the Sox lurks Shohei Ohtani and the Angels, with the Yankees and Mariners still in striking position.

With 56 games and two months remaining on the schedule, and assuming Tampa Bay (because of their lead) and Houston (because of their postseason pedigree) lock up two of the Wild Card slots, which teams will nab the third?

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