Husson University football grabs three ECFC major awards - Coach of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year.

John Smith 2
Monty Rand Photo / Husson Athletics

Senior tailback John Smith is now a three-time winner of the ECFC Offensive POY. He finished league play with a league leading 28 TDs and 191 YPG average.

Head coach Gabby Price wins Coach of the Year for the second straight year. His Eagles have back-to-back 9-1 seasons and are heading to Springfield College Saturday for the first round of the NCAA playoffs.

Monty Rand Photo / Husson Athletics

Defensive coordinator Grant Caserta wins Assistant Coach of the Year in the ECFC. The Husson defense held league opponents to 11 PPG and 217 YPG.

The Eagles placed 11 players on the ECFC First Team All-Conference and three more on the second team...

QBCory Brandon, Husson Jr.QBThomas Wright, Maritime (N.Y.) Jr.
RBJohn Smith, Husson
 Sr.RBRichard Harris, Dean So.
RBMoe Harris, Castleton Jr.RBJoell Dixon, Gallaudet Sr.
FBDevin Kenny, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.RBDe'Andre G.-Fisher, Mount Ida Fr.
WRTrai Weaver, Anna Maria Sr.RBChris Olberding, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
WRBrandon Drumgole, Maritime (N.Y.) Jr.FBTravis O'Brien, Mount Ida Sr.
WRRobenson Saintard, Husson Sr.WRCurtis Smith, Maritime (N.Y.) Jr.
WRNick Hewitt, Mount Ida Sr.WR Matt Ward, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
TEDJ Allen, Husson Sr.TEJacob Shinnick, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
OLBrad Weston, Husson Jr.OLConnor McDaniel, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
OLThomas Korwan, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.OLCameron Ethington, Gallaudet Jr.
OLEric Decker, Castleton Sr.OLDan Stout, Anna Maria Jr.
OLJacob Cameron, Husson Fr.OLDecory Billups, Dean So.
OLVincent Tucker, Mount Ida Sr.OLDevon Clark, Alfred St. So.
KMatthew Murphy, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.KDevin Pickett, Husson So.
RSQuan Soyini, Husson Jr.RSMarquez Walls, Dean So.
DLLuke Washburn, Husson Sr.DLWesley Joseph, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
DLJohn Lauretti, Alfred St. Jr.DLFrank Curran, Husson Fr.
DLMichael Obianigwe, Mount Ida Sr.DLTarik Smith, Husson Jr.
DLJustice Taylor, Dean So.DLMatt Lawhorn, Castleton Sr.
LBRicco Aaron, Dean So.LBJosh David, Mount Ida Sr.
LBJakob Trautwein, Castleton Sr.LBKendal Parker, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
LBTrent Waters, Dean Sr.LBMason Gooch, Gallaudet So.
LBElvin Suazo, Jr., Husson Jr.LBLiam Bailey, Maritime (N.Y.) So.
DBJean Gabriel, Husson Sr.DBDeSean Hart, Mount Ida Jr.
DBQuan Soyini, Husson Jr.DBNick Conte, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
DBMarquez Walls, Dean So.DBDwayne Hunter-Parker, Mount Ida So.
DBLouie Akuffo, Gallaudet Jr.DBJoshua Burris, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.
PMatthew Murphy, Maritime (N.Y.) Sr.PCamden Brown, Anna Maria Sr.


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