The Warden Service says two teenagers who were last seen in Mexico, Maine Monday evening have been found safe. The pair were headed to a camp in Andover when they went missing.

Corporal John MacDonald with the Warden Service says 15-year-old friends Ty Howard-Gotto and his friend Jonah May of Smithfield, Rhode Island had planned to snowmobile to South Arm in Andover from Mexico at approximately 7:30 Monday evening. They were due to arrive at Ty's grandfather's camp at 225 South Arm Road in Andover at around 10 p.m. but never arrived. Corporal MacDonald told us Howard-Gotto used to live in the town of Mexico but now resides in Rhode Island.

The Warden Service reports the teens got their sled stuck during the journey. At first, they tried soaking a sock in gasoline to make a fire but that didn't work. So they walked a considerable distance to the Black Cat Road and made it down to the shore of Richardson Lake where they found a shed with a go-cart inside. The teens used gas from the go-cart to make a fire on the shoreline and then, when they got warmed up, returned to the shed where they slept in the go-cart.

When they woke up this morning. they walked across a portion of the lake to the South Arm Road, where they were picked up by a passing motorist. The boys were hungry but otherwise fine and are now reunited with Ty's grandfather, Phil Howard. Wardens say they showed no signs of hypothermia despite sub-zero temperatures overnight.

The Warden Service wants to thank the many concerned citizens and volunteers for their help and information. Mexico Fire, several area snowmobile clubs, and local trail groomers helped greatly with search efforts and MacDonald says Wardens are grateful for their service.