Olivia Albert struck out 11 in the circle and hit a home run at the plate to lead her Old Town Coyotes to a 6-3 win over Hermon in the regular season finale for both teams.

The victory likely means Old Town will get a first round bye in the upcoming Class B North playoffs. Only the top two teams get the byes and it looks like it will be Brewer and the Coyotes.

Albert gave up just one earned run in winning her 11th game of the spring. She finishes the regular season with 131 strikeouts and 16 walks in 83 innings of work.

Both teams are 13-3 heading into postseason. The top 14 teams earn spots in the playoffs. Keep in mind, there are still a few games left to be played.

Girls' Spring Softball - Varsity (2018-2019)
Class B - North
2.Old Town H.S.133030.6250146.2500
3.Hermon H.S.133030.6250139.5313
4.Oceanside H.S.132031.0000124.7656
5.Foxcroft Acad.132030.3750111.7969
6.Medomak Valley H.S.132031.1250109.1016
7.Gardiner Area H.S.95021.500067.3438
8.Ellsworth H.S.105023.500065.3125
9.Erskine Acad.96021.375063.9844
10.Mt. Desert Isl. H.S.87018.875054.5313
11.Belfast Area H.S.510011.875050.4688
13.Nokomis Reg. H.S.510011.875042.8125
14.Presque Isle H.S.88018.625038.7723
15.Mount View H.S.69014.250029.2969
16.Winslow H.S.511011.875020.7813
17.Lawrence H.S.41109.500017.8125
18.Waterville Sr. HS11402.375013.3594
19.Caribou H.S.31206.875012.2098
20.John Bapst Mem. H.S.41109.25006.1719
21.Washington Acad.01501.00000.0000
Old Town vs Hermon Baseball
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In another battle for a Class B bye, the Hermon Hawks baseball team beat the Old Town Coyotes 5-3 in the rain Monday afternoon.

The win should give the (15-1) Hawks the #2 seed for the playoffs. As with softball, only the top two seeds get byes and it looks like it will be Ellsworth and Hermon.

The (10-6) Coyotes are likely to finished in the #3 spot with a handful of games to be played around the region.

Boys' Spring Baseball - Varsity (2018-2019)
Class B - North
1.Ellsworth H.S.131030.7500175.6250
2.Hermon H.S.151035.3750170.2344
3.Old Town H.S.106023.7500109.8438
4.Medomak Valley H.S.123028.750092.3646
5.Mt. Desert Isl. H.S.87018.875090.3906
7.Lawrence H.S.78016.875066.7188
8.John Bapst Mem. H.S.79016.375065.3906
9.Erskine Acad.78016.625065.2500
10.Caribou H.S.69014.125062.4665
11.Presque Isle H.S.79016.250061.8080
12.Foxcroft Acad.106023.250059.2188
13.Gardiner Area H.S.68015.200057.9722
15.Waterville Sr. HS78016.750052.8906
16.Belfast Area H.S.87019.000045.9375
17.Winslow H.S.511011.875037.5000
18.Washington Acad.68013.875035.3906
19.Oceanside H.S.41109.500025.2344
20.Mount View H.S.21304.750020.7813
21.Nokomis Reg. H.S.21304.750013.3594

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