Sometimes, I will spend hours crafting the perfect poll for that days show. Other times, they will pop into my head out of thin air. Or sometimes, as was the case today, I'll run into a question being posed on social media or sports talk radio and simply slap it in a post verbatim.

That's what happened today as I was listening to #Greeny while doing show prep in the studio and they asked "who will win more championships during the remainder of their respective careers - Tom Brady or LeBron James?"

It's an interesting question, no? The final tally could turn out being rather close, with Brady already a 7-time Super Bowl champion and LeBron a 4-time Finals winner. But we're talking just the rest of the way.

Math is certainly on LeBron's side, as he's previously expressed the desire to keep playing until his son, Bronny James, enters the league. That would take Papa 'Bron into his age-40 season in 2024-25 unless the league rules are altered before then to allow players to go straight from high school to the NBA, like LeBron did back in 2003.

Brady, meanwhile, is two more seasons away from that age-45 year that has long been a target. But after winning the Super Bowl in his first season with the Bucs, and Tampa Bay returning literally every starter from last year's team, they may well be the favorite heading into 2021 again.

So, what do you think? LeBron or Brady, who brings home more rings from now until the time both men decide to hang 'em up?

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