Another Monday, another poll on the subject of Bill Belichick's coaching future in New England.

Except this time around we're talking about a future with Bill, as opposed to life after the G.O.A.T. coach. That's because Ian Rapaport reported yesterday that Belichick and the Patriots agreed to a "lucrative, long-term" contract extension over the offseason and that both sides kept it hush hush.

So, it would either seem all the talk in recent weeks throughout the national media of Bill being on the hot seat, and Robert Kraft's mounting frustration with each loss, was either overblown, inaccurate, or coming from "sources" that didn't have their facts straight.

Though, who knows, I can't imagine Kraft could've been too pleased after re-upping his already highest-paid coach in the game to an even more lucrative deal, only to see the team get off to a 1-5 start.

But yesterday served as a reminder that Bill can still cook up a defensive scheme to stymie the best of 'em, something we had witnessed precious little of over the first six weeks of 2023.

Last Monday, we asked, "who should be the Patriots' head coach in 2024?"

27.7% said Belichick, 25% said the hottest OC/DC candidate in the league, 20.5% said Mike Vrabel, who was in the house yesterday talking as if he was still a member of the organization and not the head coach of another team in the league, while 19.6% wanted to see Jerod Mayo in the role.

Then on Wednesday of last week, when we asked "where does Bill Belichick rank among head coaches in 2023?" a whopping 50% responded by saying he's no longer a top-10 coach in the league, while just 20.8% still put Bill in the top-10.

Well, with the news that he ain't going anywhere anytime soon, how do you feel now?

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