With the newlywed Marcus Smart now residing in Memphis, Tennessee, Mac Jones has quickly assumed the title of "most polarizing figure in Boston sports."

A fervent corner of Patriots Nation has built a new wall around No. 10 and seems ready to defend the QB no matter what. Look no further than a simple Google search of "Mac Jones." It will return results such as, "You can't blame Mac Jones for Patriots offensive struggles," wrote MassLive.com, while Michael Hurley wrote "Mac Jones blamers just aren't getting it" for WBZ news.

It seems the growing sentiment is "if Mac's not your guy, you're not a true Pats fan."

There are plenty of stats out there from the first two weeks of the season to show just how sharp the third year QB has been. After two weeks, Mac is 6th in the NFL in passing yards, tied for 4th in passing TD’s and leads the league in completions and attempts.

However, the reason Mac's had to throw so much is because the Patriots have been trailing. A lot. Like, basically the entire season. New England has spent 19:18 of game time tied with their opponents, while they've trailed the other 100+ minutes of game action. They're one of just three teams, along with the Bengals and Texans, who have yet to hold a lead through two weeks.

Isn't a W or an L the only stat that really matters? Mac is now 2-7 in his last nine starts dating back to last Thanksgiving, with the two wins coming against backup QB's.

He is 1-13 in his career when trailing at the end of the first quarter and 4-12 in his career when trailing at the half. He's yet to show the ability to bring the Pats back from deficits and lead game-winning drives in the 4th quarter, which he's had several chances to do through the first two weeks and came up empty each time.

Until that happens, I'm not ready to grab a musket and sip the KoolAid in front of Fort Jones. What about you?

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