For the second time in as many Wednesdays, the Boston Celtics are in Philadelphia to take on the 76ers. Last week, it proved to be Boston's 2nd loss in as many games.

In the six days since, the C's have rattled off three consecutive wins and both teams enter tonight's contest tied atop the Eastern Conference at 8-2.

Under new boss Nick Nurse, the 76ers appear poised to contend once again atop the conference, though the team has a vastly different style than what it's employed in recent seasons.

I can certainly be counted among the many who failed to realize just how much addition by subtraction Philly benefited from by getting James Harden the hell out of town. Tyrese Maxey is now unlocked as the team's floor general, while Joel Embiid is continuing his MVP scoring pace from a season ago.

But if the first 10 games for the Celtics have been any indication, it doesn't matter who is standing in their way as long as the C's are on top of their game. In the two losses this year vs. Minnesota and Philly, Boston suffered its two most horrendous shooting performances so far. Even so, it took the Timberwolves in OT to get past Boston, while Philly benefited from a late blown call and a missed three in the closing seconds to hold off the C's.

Those are two teams that will be in the playoffs at the end of the year and it shows just how wide the talent gap is between Boston and most others, as it takes pretty much everything breaking the way of the opposition for the C's to drop games this year.

So the question remains, who do you think poses the biggest threat to the C's in the Eastern Conference? Is it another team, or is it the Celtics' ability to live up to their potential?

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